Mexifornia Legicrap
Source: O.C. Register

A legicrap bumper crop landed on Mexifornia denizens with a resounding 'splat' today. Here are a few especially fetid examples:

Makes a company legally liable for sexual harassment perpetrated in their business whether it's done by company employees or the company's customers.

Bans housing and job discrimination against cross dressers. It, specifically, cites 'people whose clothing or appearance differs from that normally associated with their sex [their biological gender]...' (Register)

State contractors providing goods and services to the state in excess of $100,000 must offer GLAAD-BAAG domestic partners the same benefits as married couples.

Taxes boob tubes and computer monitors to fund a statewide Mexifornia electronics-recycling program.

Companies with 50 (or more) employees must provide health insurance or pay the state to provide it.

These edicts and countless others are chasing companies from Mexifornia in breath-taking numbers. Do the hacks in Sacramento know or care? Not a chance. Will the last rational adult leaving Mexifornia turn off the lights.

Mexifornia Morality Nazi
Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Mexifornia congresspunk, Doug Ose, made an election year bid for Morality Nazi votes with some proposed legicrap that would, explicitly, ban certain words from the government's airwaves. Proving he's a chip off the Lapdog's vote-pandering block, Doug even trotted out the aspiring tyrant's favorite excuse: What if a child hears these dastardly words?

Syracuse University professor Robert J. Thompson nails this child protection bovine excrement, big time:

"(Ose's bill) reminds me of a bunch of 8-year-olds looking those words up in the dictionary and laughing uproariously. Don't get me wrong, I'm sympathetic, but the only reason to bar this is protect the ears of children. But if everything on TV or radio has to be OK for the age of 6, then nothing can be more sophisticated than that." (Chronicle).

This fetid legicrap's inherent implications are obvious and chilling. Freedom of expression on the government airwaves would be limited to whatever the most sensitive person, in America will allow, no matter how extreme those sensitivities might be. Government airwave broadcast content would be restricted to that which Nanny government deems 'appropriate', for the youngest child able to zone out in front of the boob tube.

Morality Nazis like Ose open the Pandora's Box called 'censorship' by abolishing the individual rights of adults to prevent children - invariably, somebody else's egregiously unsupervised children - from being 'damaged'. Following Ose's example, activists from every self-identified 'group' will demand 'protective' restrictions of their own. Feminists will demand that government airwave content which perpetuates the patriarchy must be eradicated and the perpetrators of such criminal expression be severely punished. You wouldn't allow little girls to get a negative self image, would you? Chronically-oppressed ethnocrat whiners will demand that all Eurocentric content on government airwaves be abolished because it will damage unsuspecting, properly-hyphenated tykes with negative images of themselves and their culture.

The founding fathers envisioned an island of restricted government surrounded by an ocean of inalienable individual rights. Today, a speck of no longer inalienable rights is rapidly sinking beneath a tidal wave of government. We've come a long way from the ideals of 1776, a long way, and in the wrong direction.

Is Ose's word banishing bill asinine? You bet. Is it a slam dunk for passage during an election year? You better believe it, smugly sanctimonious Sparky.

One-Armed Mexifornia Bandits
Source: Sacramento Bee

Mexifornia's defrocked Governor, Gray Davis, made a Faustian bargain with the state's Siberian-Amerikans, giving them exclusive rights to operate slot machine in Mexifornia. In exchange, the casino operating tribes set up a $130 million a year fund that gets handed out to tribes without casinos. Another gambling-fed fund gives money to local communities that are 'impacted' by tribal casinos. What Mexifornia doesn't get is a piece of the action to replenish their general fund...That's because the tribes are, officially, 'sovereign nations' and thus exempted from state taxes.

As fun as this sounds, there are those who think we need to change the rules to help pay off Mexifornia's whopping debt. That's why some bright bulbs are putting an initiative on the ballot, an initiative that has the tribal gambling cabal fuming.

'...Under the proposed initiative, the 61 tribes offering casino gambling would be called on to renegotiate their operating agreements with the state and share at least 25 percent of their profits. If they didn't, they could keep their slot machines but 16 other betting establishments would also be granted the authority to operate slots. They would include five horse tracks in the counties of Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange and San Mateo and 11 card rooms in Los Angeles, San Diego, Contra Costa and San Mateo counties...' (Bee)

You don't need a super computer to see that, if passed, these new slots would attract gamblers into places closer to home than the Siberian-Amerikan casinos. Determined to stop this scam, by any means necessary, the tribes are going shyster bonkers trying to derail this initiative. Don't be shocked if this initiative passes then gets challenged - even overturned - in a court. That's one thrilling element of Mexifornia's initiative process that makes it so much fun, long after the last vote is counted.

Mexifornia Ballot Adventure
Source: Sacramento Bee

Two ballot initiatives will go head-to-head over the thriving - off the tax rolls - Siberian-Amerikan gaming industry. The first initiative out of the starting gate is the 'Gaming Revenue Act':

'...The "Gaming Revenue Act" calls for tribes to pay 25 percent of their casino earnings to the state. The money, however, wouldn't go to the general fund. Instead it would be directed to local governments for policing, firefighting and education. If tribes refuse to pay that amount, five horse tracks and 11 card rooms across the state would be allowed to operate slot machines between them in return for paying a total of $1 billion to local governments...' (Bee)

Faced with a Hobson's choice between a 25% 'tax' or losing their monopoly on Mexifornia slot machines, casino operating Siberian-Amerikans decided to fight this ballot initiative assault on their gambling empire with an initiative of their own, the "Indian Gaming Far-Share Revenue Act":

'...Under the proposed initiative, now under review by the attorney general for the November ballot, tribes would pay 8.84 percent of their gambling profits to the state - the same amount paid by corporations. In addition, tribes would continue to contribute to the two special funds...' (Bee)

The fun facts buried in the Siberian-Amerika initiative are thrilling and then some: If both initiatives pass, theirs takes precedence. They maintain their monopoly on slot machines. Tribes are not obligated to join this agreement. Only those tribes who 'volunteer' to renegotiate the 20-year agreements they bribed ex-Governor Gray Davis into signing are obligated under this scam.

In other words if the Siberian-Amerikan version passes, the state won't get a damn thing more than they're getting now and they lose the leverage non-Indian slot machines gives the state tax Nazis. Holy Siberian-Amerikan Catch-22's, Batman. No shit, Sherlock.


Excusing the Guilty To Punish The Innocent
Source: Sacramento Bee

Hell-A County health Nazis are alarmed over skyrocketing HIV - and various other crotch rotting diseases - cases but the bun rangers responsible refuse to cooperate. What to do? Consulting the political hack playbook, they found the perfect solution. It's a primary hack adage that states: "When you won't penalize the careless, properly-hyphenated individuals responsible, and can't coerce proper behavior from them, punish a business, instead."

The hacks on the County's Board of Supervisors voted, unanimously, to impose strict new regulations on the gay bath houses and gay sex clubs where bun rangers flock to infect each other. Protecting GLAAD BAAGs from themselves? You better damn believe it, Nanny Government Sparky.

Miss Vietnam of Northern California
Source: Sacramento Bee

Don't ask me why Northern Californski wants or needs a Miss Vietnam, because I don't know. The fun fact is that the lotus wench exists and is chosen in a Korrectnik 'beauty' contest, that doesn't even feature a swimsuit competition. Instead, the wench is rewarded for her ability to embody 'the traditional Vietnamese values of beauty, domesticity and modesty' (Bee). Big fun, but the pageant officials got a lot more than that when they hung the crown on 21-year-old Kim Hoang Tong of San Jose.

'...Two years ago, before she started school at De Anza College, Tong decided to pose nude for an adult Web site for $400 because she needed money, she said...' (Bee)
Posing for a porn site might not thrill the walking brain-farts who perpetrate this lotus farce, but I'm here to tell you it works just fine, for this pagan scribbler. In fact, this pagan is ready, willing and able to worship at this porn site shrine, but this pathetic Californski fishwrap didn't provide the web site's name or address. Shocking? You better believe it, shoddy journalism Sparky.

Emerilizing Marriage
Source: Stealth Wisdom News Wire

The Gulag on the Bay (San Francisco) hit morality Nazis squarely between the eyes when newly enshrined Mayor Gavin Newsom, directed city bureaucrats to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples eager to tie the knot, this week. It's a bold move that thrills GLAAD BAAGs as much as it outrages the supernaturalist horde. Apparently Gulag civic officials don't read the papers, or the law books. If they did, they'd know that in 2000 Mexifornia family values storm troopers goose-stepped to the polls to pass the 'Defense of Marriage Initiative', a ballot measure that defined - for all time - marriage in Mexifornia as a 'union between one man and one woman'.

At least two morality Nazi cabals - the Alliance Defense Fund, the Campaign for California Families - filed suit to stop this frontal assault on holy matrimony, but, so far, nitpicking judges are stone-walling them, guaranteeing that the GLAAD BAAG nuptials will continue through the President's Day holiday weekend. I know that law is the law, but I'm hard pressed to condemn this Gulag game. From where I'm sitting, it appears to be 'no harm, no foul', so sue me.

Hot Legicrat Mama?
Source: Sacramento Bee

Citing the all purpose 'hostile working environment', two government payroll wenches dished up sexual harassment accusations against their Mexifornia hack boss. If you're wondering how this 'been here, done that' story rates a mention, wonder no more. What makes this minorly fun is the fact that the Mexifornia hack is allegedly female. Among other things, Assemblywoman Rebecca Cohn is, according to the Bee, accused of:
  • Openly discussed her sex life while dining with her press secretary, Erika Weaver-Taylor, until the aide got so upset that she "excused herself from the table and went to the bathroom, where she threw up."
  • Asked Weaver-Taylor to help her change outfits and staffer Melissa Wilhite to handle and hang her clothing, including undergarments, during a magazine photo shoot.
  • Created a sexually charged atmosphere, in part by discussing intimate details of her life and soliciting comments about her low-cut clothing, which she allegedly called "boobie dresses."
Plodding to Ms. Cohn's defense, Jackie 'Wide Marxist Dyke Load' Goldberg expressed shock that anyone could accuse her pal Rebecca of such dastardly deeds. Translation: Cohn is innocent because she's a lib. An alleged harassment expert - McGeorge Law School professor, Julie Davis - opined: "Generally, (the misbehavior) has to be severe and pervasive, and it has to be more than uncomfortable." (Bee). Translation: Cohn is innocent because she's female.

If you're smelling that Korrectnik mainstay, the ubiquitous double-standard, join the club. If the accused is male, he's likely to lose his career over the most innocuous workplace prattle. But, when a woman is accused, the usual NO-NAD suspects reset the hostile working environment bar, into the stratosphere. From this pagan's perspective, everyone is dirty here: the hackette for endorsing this hostile working environment bovine excrement; the accusers for being hypersensitive in the extreme. If you don't like your boss, or your working conditions, get another job. Don't make me come over there.

If, as the article implies, Cohn is a NO-NAD, she's partially responsible for legitimizing this hostile working environment bovine excrement. What seemed nifty, when aimed at dudes, is less than thrilling now that she got nailed by egregiously fragile wench hypersensitivity.

Mexifornia's Mind-Boggling Meat Mandate
Source: San Francisco Chronicle (2/21)

Marxist Assemblywoman Lone Hancock, is leading a crusade to protect Mexifornia's government cess-school inmates from a fate worse than death. If enacted - a slam dunk during an election cycle - this Legicrap would stop Mexifornia cess-schools from serving cess-school inmates irradiated beef provided through the federal lunch program. Standing beside Comrade Hancock, Saddam-loving Congresswoman Barbara Lee supported her sister in Marxism with federal Legicrap that would require irradiated meat to be labeled when served in cess-school cafeterias, plus, her Legicrap would mandate parental notification about this pernicious - irradiated - protein.

For those who care, this Gulag fishwrap describes irradiating meat as follows: '...Irradiation uses electron beams, X-rays or gamma rays to kill E. coli and other germs that cause food-borne disease. The U.S. government permits irradiation of many foods, saying it's safe, based on studies since the 1960s...' (Chronicle)

It's ironic that the usual suspects expend so much hot air over such Educrap non- essentials as irradiated meat, or evicting candy, soft drinks and cupcakes from government cess-schools. Curiously, they never seem to deal with the much more alarming fact that so many Government cess-school graduates can't read, write or compute. Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic? You better believe it, government cess-school Sparky.

You probably won't die from shock when I tell you that Berkeley cess-schools already ban this pernicious protein. That fact alone should tell you all you need to know about irradiated meat safety

Another Berkeley Brain-Fart
Source: San Francisco Chronicle (2/23)

The hacks running this lefty enclave are - like any free spending lefties - up to their eyeballs in red ink. With the state on life support and unable - no shit unwilling - to share more dead presidents, the city hacks are forced to seek new revenue from approved - by their lefty populace - sources. A bike riding City Councilman hatched the thrilling notion to tax the 'extra' cars despoiling the commune's serenity. Anyone who owns 'multiple' cars would be taxed. Bold new concept.

A rational adult might suggest that Berkeley do what you or I must do - match their expenditures with their income - but this lefty enclave hasn't put a rational adult in a position of authority in decades. Instead, given this lefty commune's hostility toward the egregiously decadent automobile, this new tax source notion is a slam dunk for approval. I can live with that, because the lefty denizens who elected these Marxist asshats deserve whatever these intellectually-flat-lining hacks do to them.

MARCH 2004

Mexifornia Colonista Update
Source: Stealth Wisdom News Wire [3/24]

My local fishwrap dished up a Colonista coddling item about the latest Colonista market segment.  In addition to all the other Spanish language crap - newspapers, boom box stations, boob tube stations...the list is endless - Colonistas can now get their phone service from Telscape Communications. This firm blatantly coddles its chosen Colonista customer base...in Spanish, giving these Spanish speaking invaders another reason to take a dump in the Amerikan melting pot.

If the old country, the old culture, is that god damn nifty why don't these asshats go the hell home?  Enquiring minds demand an answer.

Mexifornia Colonista Coddling
Source: World Net Daily  [3/23]

The new driver's licenses for illegal Mexifornians legicrap that is romping through Mexifornia's Marxist legislature is loaded with noxious goodies. In addition to being 'repeal proof', this fetid legicrap is also reported to grant these soon to be 'virtual' citizens free insurance.

"Schwarzenegger and I and our teams are looking into a new computer that will create a new database [for ID verification]," [The bill's Colonista sponsor Gil] Cedillo said [On a Spanish-language media outlet]. "We are also talking to the insurance [industry] to figure out what we can do to give insurance to all the new undocumented drivers..."  (WND, emphasis added)

That sound you hear comes from insurance companies stampeding for the nearest Mexifornia border. 

Assaulting Property Rights In Mexifornia
Source: Contra Costa Times [3/20]

California City is a high desert burg where the city hacks declared war on inalienable individual liberty using the petty tyrant's favorite weapon: eminent domain.  When deep pocketed Hyundai decided to build a new auto test track in this Mexifornia town, city fathers left no stone unturned in their zeal to coddle these Korean capitalists.  Taking a look at the untamed desert expanse targeted for 'improvement', city hacks pulled a bureaucratic rabbit from the legalese hat:

'...Under a state law that allows governments to seize land designated as "urbanized and blighted," the city's redevelopment agency went to court and won permission to take more than 700 acres from private landowners, paying them what many in the area considered a fair amount...'  (Contra Costa Times)

Unable to explain how desert scrub land that hasn't changed in millennia qualifies as "urbanized and blighted", city hacks didn't even try.  Instead, they trusted the shyster system to do their dirty work for them.  In a rare, hyper candid outburst, Mayor Larry Adams showcased his utter disregard for individual liberty and property rights when he said this about the stolen land's rightful owners:

'..."I think it's a matter of one or two (who) probably are true believers in the freedom of mankind, blah blah blah, and they don't like eminent domain," he said. "Some have a sentimental attachment to the land they inherited. And some of them are just greedy."...'  (Contra Cost Times, emphasis added.)

Hyundai wanted it and this hack wanted those Hyundai tax dollars, so he spit on everything this nation's founding father's believed about property rights and individual liberty.  For him, individual liberty is a minor inconvenience that must be stamped out, for the greater glory of the all-powerful state. Thanks to cretins like Larry Adams, Mexifornia teeters on the brink of complete Gulag-class tyranny.

Mexifornia Hacks Target The Marketplace, Again
Source: Orange County Register [3/17]

Believe it or not, certain Mexifornia denizens are so clueless that they actually believe it when a used car salespunk tells them that the pre-owned ride is 'certified'.  I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, and so is a Mexifornia legicrat named Cindy Montanez, a fun fact that prompted her to offer up some marketplace obliterating legicrap she calls "The Car Buyer's Bill of Rights".  Among other things, her legicrap would mandate a state standard that defines 'certified', when applied to used cars.

'...Under the bill, cars that have had significant structural or mechanical damage, odometers rollbacks or were used as rentals, taxis or police vehicles would not qualify for certification.  Lemon Law buybacks or salvage cars also would not qualify...'  (Register)

This legicrap does more harm than good.  Unwilling to promote a liberty-enhancing concept like 'buyer beware', this hack renders all used car sellers guilty, until proved innocent.  It robs enlightened used car sellers of their marketplace advantage, in the process.  For example, Mercedes-Benz vigorously promotes a comprehensive certification program called 'Starmark Certification' by advertising the 130 elements included in their certification inspection.  After this law passes, their efforts will be wasted, and, probably, terminated.  When the government sets a minimum standard for anything, that standard becomes the maximum standard as well, because exceeding it doesn't bring any marketplace advantage.

Relentless nanny government coddling undermines individual accountability.  It's the primary factor contributing to the imminent death of rugged American individualism.

Today's Nanny Government Adventures
Source: Orange County Register [3/15]

Local government brings nanny government abuse up close and personal.  That's why this pagan scribbler shares these Southern Mexifornia hack exploits with his loyal readers.  Tyranny is as close as your own city council, planning commission, neighborhood association or local bureaucrat.

Fountain Valley
The city council is poised to violate property owner rights, by imposing regulations on individuals who own and run Cyber Cafes.  Among other things this edict will mandate security guards, video cameras and curfews.  Will somebody, anybody, explain why this is any of the city's damn business?

La Palma
A capitalist has to kiss city council butt to get an extension on his building permit for a new restaurant.  Which part of his property, his personal business don't these hacks understand?  All of it, obviously.  A new business means jobs, taxable income and various other good things, but that won't keep these hacks from torturing this capitalist.

Invoking A Rhett
Source: Left Coast Report [3/15]

The vast right-wingnuts at the Left Coast Report claim that the meathead - Rob Reiner - plots to challenge the Terminator for Mexifornia governor, in a couple years.  This pagan is forced to take a Rhett on this looming political tussle because, I'm severely disenchanted with the Terminator.  "Frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a damn." sums up my attitude perfectly.

This Mexifornia denizen finds Arnold's tenure in the governor's chair disturbingly familiar.  In addition to piling  more debt on future Mexifornia denizens...for decades to come, Governor Arnold is poised to revive the drivers licenses for illegals scam and, this time, it's rendered repeal proof and initiative proof.  Why, exactly, did we dump Clueless, if all we get is more of the same?  If the Mexifornia hacks are determined to screw me, I'd rather get nailed by my enemy instead of getting shafted by my friends.

Stick a fork in the no longer golden state, because Mexifornia is done!

Nanny Government Roundup
Source: Orange County Register [3/13]

Today's fishwrap offered the usual local government foolishness.

Laguna Woods
Fresh from their stirring debate over the city's official tree, this Southern Mexifornia burg moves on to another vital issue.  This time, they're prepared to debate a stop the presses class issue: an official city motto.  I'm guessing that life in Laguna Woods is nifty and then some, if this is what passes for a burning political hack issue.

Another Berkeley Notion
Source: San Francisco Chronicle [3/13]

Dubbed a 'former sex worker and activist' by this Gulag fishwrap, Robin Few and her organization - Californians for Civil Liberties - perpetrated a petition to place a hooker- legalizing initiative on Berkeley's November ballot.  Will Berkeley lefties 'do the right thing' and make the city hooker cool, or, will those dastardly reactionary forces defeat this quest for hooker liberation?  Stay tuned and we'll discover the thrilling answer, together. Either way, it promises to be huge fun and this pagan vows to keep you posted with all the thrilling details.

Ms. Few's ambitions for hooker liberation don't end at the Berkeley city line. If her city-wide initiative succeeds, she plans to repeat her hooker liberation quest, with a state-wide initiative. The fun never stops here in Mexifornia.

Rosary True Believer Angst
Source: World Net Daily [03/02]

Mexifornia's highest court laid a butt whipping on true believers when it voted 6-1 to force Catholic Charities to include contraception coverage in its employee health package. Ignoring rosary true believer tenets that deem such pregnancy avoidance a way no-no, the court spewed bovine excrement about Catholic Charity's "secular purpose" as the smoking gun that makes this government intrusion on supernaturalism okey-dokey. WND opines - quite rightly, for a change - the probable implications:

'...[A] faith-based public interest law firm, which also has a "secular purpose", could be forced to hire homosexuals or transsexuals or pay for abortions against its beliefs. A religious group in San Francisco, for example, could be required to pay for a sex-change operation because of a law passed last year...' (WND)
Despite the obvious hypocrisy here - the WND holy rollers bleating for greater church-state separation - there is a more important issue that puts this ruling in its proper context. The essential concept isn't government intrusion on religious belief. The real issue involves the government infringing on individual liberty by telling any entity - secular or supernaturalist - whom it should hire, which benefits it must provide, and what employee medical coverage includes. Wake up and smell the individual liberty coffee, church-state bonkers Sparky.

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet Nor Snow, Nor Death Will Keep Me From...
Source: San Francisco Chronicle [03/01]

Someone borrowed a dog-eared page from Windy City politics during the Gulag's recent Mayoral election. This change in city hall proved to be so vital to the city's future that at least 5 room temperature Gulag denizens roused themselves to cast absentee ballots. Admittedly, this is small potatoes, compared to Windy City politics, but they're just getting started, so give them time to get their act perfected. And what, you ask, does this pagan think about room temperature Gulag denizens ballot box efforts? For that answer, I need to paraphrase a line from 'Columbo': "That's the damnedest exhibition of good citizenship I've ever seen."

APRIL 2004

Nanny Watch - Mexifornia
Source: Orange County Register [4/15]

Buena Park
City council hacks just voted to outlaw 'the use of tarps and canopies in front of residential and commercial properties' (Register).  Starting on October 9, 2004, these tarp wranglers will be hammered for $1,000, per violation.  Am I the only rational adult that doesn't begin to understand this petty, political hack tyranny?  I doubt it. 

I'm here to tell you that 'the use of tarps and canopies' in this fashion has not reached epidemic proportions in Southern Mexifornia.  Is there some twisted tarp cult operating in Buena Park? Are these cultists perpetrating secret rituals beneath their tarps?  How has this dastardly plague eluded the vaunted pagan radar all these years?  I'm so ashamed...

An asinine infringement of property rights? You better believe it, nanny state Sparky.

Mexifornia Bans Police Chases?
Source: Stealth Wisdom News Wire [4/14]

A Mexifornia state Legicrat - Elephant Clan - wants to outlaw police chases in the no longer golden state.  Bold New Concept [aka BNC].  All a crook has to do is speed up and he, she or it would be home free, when this law passes.  Why not just repeal the criminal code entirely, shit for brains?

Governor Arnold Kicks A Hack Hornet's Nest

Source: Stealth Wisdom News Wire [4/10]

Mexifornia’s action hero governor just lit a fire under state hacks when he opined that the state’s full time legislature waste's too much time on 'strange bills'.  He suggested that Mexifornia citizens emulate the 40 other states that employ part-time legislatures and give these hacks more 'down time'.  You don't need a crystal ball to guess how that thrills Mexifornia's Marxist hacks.

Can a voter initiative mandating a part-time legislature be in the offing?  Enquiring minds certainly hope so.

Je$$e Versus Wal-Mart
Source: Stealth Wisdom News Wire [4/7]

A Southern Mexifornia economic wasteland let Je$$e Jackson and Maxine Waters hound them into deep-sixing badly needed economic development, yesterday.  By a 2-to-1 margin, Inglewood voters send deep pocketed Wal-Mart - along with several other companies - packing.  The smugly ignorant Inglewood denizens who sent those vital jobs and tax revenue elsewhere no shit deserve the chronic poverty that mires them in perpetual misery.  By letting these ethnocrat fat cats bamboozle them, Inglewood voters inflicted this mortal economic wound on themselves.

Maxine and Je$$e are long gone, but Inglewood’s economic woes remain, so the next time you hear some race baiting asshats spewing drivel about Amerika’s institutional racism, remember what these two ethnocrats did to Inglewood. It would be nice if once, just once, the properly-hyphenated would stop playing the damn race card and use their brains for more than a hat rack, but that’s not likely to happen while they’re mesmerized by Je$$e and company. What happened to Inglewood isn’t racism - institutional or otherwise - it’s plain vanilla, garden variety stupidity.

MAY 2004

In The Terminator's Bull's-Eye
Source: News Max [5/31]

Mexifornia's action hero governor just took on a challenge that might require all of the Terminator's lethal abilities. According to those ubiquitous 'informed sources', he painted a bull's-eye on Mexifornia's trial lawyers. Don't start celebrating, because his motives aren't as noble as you think. The Terminator's shyster confrontation would - if things go Arnold's way - help fill those empty state coffers, from those deep shyster pockets. Noble or not, anything that shafts shysters gets this pagan's vote.

'...As the Los Angeles Times reported on May 24, the governor's proposal states, "Since the award of compensatory damages compensates the complaining party for their loss or injury, the award of punitive damages should more appropriately be awarded to the state where it can be used for public good purposes that are consistent with the nature of the award."...' (News Max)

Instead of grabbing the lion's share from both punitive and compensatory damages, shysters would only get 25% of "punitive damages awarded to the plaintiff' (Tongue Tied) - it could be less, if the presiding judge decides to cut the shyster's take - if this proposal wins approval in Mexifornia's Marxist-plagued legislature.

That's right, nanny state fans, this Terminator plan has a snowball's chance in hell of getting Mexifornia hack approval. This is one fight even the legendary Terminator might lose. I suggest that we enjoy the shyster angst while it lasts. It's not much...not nearly enough...but I'll take it.

Asinine ACLU Antics
Source: Stealth Wisdom News Wire [5/26]

Southern Mexifornia's ACLU is going postal, because Hell-A's official seal contains a tiny cross. Obviously, these ACLU dolts have way too much time on heir hands. Maybe they should stop whining, close up shop and get real jobs.

It's no secret that this godless heathen harbors a profound animosity toward supernaturalism in general and cross cultism in particular. But, this official seal crap-o-la is utterly and completely asinine. To this staunch atheist, the cross on the city's seal is well charted "no harm, no foul" territory. Attention ACLU clowns: get over it.

Mexifornia Hack Adventure
Source: L.A. Daily News [5/11]

Ventura County (Mexifornia) is running a scam on county taxpayers with a new money-saving policy that repaves county roads every 86 years. That's right...86 years! If you're smelling a tax increase scam, you're right on the money. Dire predictions about crappy roads are the all too familiar prelude to a county-wide initiative to raise sales taxes...for the roads, of course.

Fun Fact: Ventura County racked up a hefty $45 million dollars in red ink on the county balance sheet. That's why giving these hacks more money to squander is the ultimate asinine idea.

JULY 2004

Hell-A Hack Games
Source: AP [07/23]

Fearless in their grim resolve, Hell-A's city council dolts are poised to tackle the City Of Angel's most burning issue. Passing over such petty annoyances as street gangs turning the city's streets into a shooting gallery and an illegal immigrant tidal wave that is bankrupting the city's healthcare system, the council decided to wrestle with a citywide ban on...silly string. That's right, silly string. Do these hacks deliberately try to look like complete morons, or is the something they put in the city council's drinking water?

Apparently silly string is a popular feature in Halloween and New Year's celebrations and the council wants the perpetrators to knock it off, right damn now. They're spouting drivel about cleaning up afterwards and the like, but I'm having a real problem viewing silly string as Hell-A's number one with a bullet problem. Silly string is the pestilence that will destroy all life as we know it? I way don't think so Tim.

Terminator Trash Talking
Source: Sacramento Bee [07/19]

Governor Arnold thrilled Mexifornia's Marxist legicrats spitless when he accused them of being 'girlie men'. For those who obsess about such things, here is the relevant - massively publicized - Terminator prose:

'...Schwarzenegger dished out the insult at a rally Saturday as he claimed Democrats were delaying the budget by catering to special interests. Democrats protested that the remark was sexist and homophobic. "If they don't have the guts to come up here in front of you and say, 'I don't want to represent you, I want to represent those special interests, the unions, the trial lawyers ... if they don't have the guts, I call them girlie men,'" Schwarzenegger said to the cheering crowd at a mall food court in Ontario...' (Bee)

'Girlie men' seems tame enough, all things considered, but I would, respectfully, point out that it's not spot on in all cases. Admittedly, Hurricane Jackie Goldberg and Sheila Kuehl are 'manly' in the extreme, but nobody would call either of these Y-Nauts the least bit 'girlie'.

Kudos to Governor Arnold for having the nads to lay some smack on this Marxist Mexifornia hacks.


Mexifornia Legicrats Do It, Again
Source: Reuters [08/28]

It cost Gray Clueless Davis his job, but, undaunted by this voter revolt, Mexifornia's Marxist legicrats mustered enough votes to pass another driver's license for illegal aliens bill. According to his spokeshole, Mexifornia's action hero governor vows to veto the bill, but, don't bet the farm that this bill is DOA. Mexifornia's Marxist hacks are very devious, so, I'm guessing that, some-damn-how, this is a done deal...at least temporarily. A ballot initiative that outlaws driver's licences for illegal, permanently - by way of amending the Mexifornia Constitution - is already in the works.

The Gospel According To Enoch
Source: Sacramento Bee [08/23]

A job-for-life Mexifornia dolt wasting taxpayer dollars as a Department of Social Services minion got a boo-boo on his supernaturalism, when his supervisors made him de-sanctify his cubicle. The following items were forcibly removed from his work area:

'...Bible verses, a bumper sticker reading "Marriage: One Man, One Woman" and other religious or political items from the entrance of his office cubicle...'

'...a sign reading "Jesus Spoken Here," an article entitled "Stop Judicial Tyranny," and another article about former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore...' (Bee)

This true believer's name is Enoch Lawrence and I'm guessing that working with or near him is less than thrilling. If he wants to evangelize, he should do it on his own dime, in his spare time. If he insists on bringing his supernaturalism to work, he should get a job in his favorite Toll Booth.

Enoch, dude, the fact that I'm forced to pay your salary makes me - in essence - your boss. As such, I'm ordering you to knock that shit off and do the job you're paid to do. Don't make me come up there.

Gambling In The Gulag?
Source: Sacramento Bee [08/21]

Mexifornia's action hero governor thrilled Gulag lefties spitless when he gave his okey dokey to a plan by the Lyton Band of Pomo Indians to build 'the nation's largest urban casino' (Bee), in the heart of the San Francisco Bay area. If this gambling den passes 'Go', it will dwarf the largest Vegas casino. Bold New Concept.

NIMBY to the max, Gulag way lefties are in a tizzy. Senator Diane Feinstein deemed the idea "totally unacceptable" and "unconscionable". That's all I need to know about this plan. If Ms. Feinstein hates it, I am compelled to give it the official pagan salute: the coveted double thumbs up. Ante up, ladies and germs.

Another Day, Another Siberian-Amerikan Casino
Source: Sacramento Bee [08/18]

This week, a San Diego County (Mexifornia) Siberian-Amerikan cabal sent up a trial balloon about setting up a casino in staunchly conservative Orange County (Mexifornia). If the deal passes muster, it would involve a land deal that transfers 45 acres tagged for redevelopment by Garden Grove (Mexifornia) hacks to the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians, thus making the 45 acres 'Indian land'.

What makes this deal more than a three-yawn affair is the fun fact that the site is mere blocks away from the House of The Mouse - Disneyland, the Original. Big fun, but don't start saving your quarters for the new casino's slots, yet, because it's far from a done deal. Should this silliness evolve past the 'what if' stage, your devoted pagan scribbler will share all the thrilling details. That's right, it's stay tuned time, again.

Beserkly Politics
Source: San Francisco Chronicle [08/16]

Berkeley (Mexifornia) way lefties aren't necessarily thrilled spitless about the hookers who ply their trade on San Pablo Avenue, but they don't relish subjecting these booty purveyors to the justice system. Unwilling to take a stand for - or against - legalizing prostitution , they're attempting to find some middle ground with a ballot initiative:

'...Some of the good citizens of Berkeley have placed an advisory initiative on the November ballot that could make prostitution a "don't ask, don't tell'' crime. By directing police officers to turn a blind eye when encountering the "unfortunates'' who scour San Pablo Avenue daily in search of customers, the city would be promoting the safety of prostitutes, advocates say....' (Chronicle)

If passed, this initiative would put the city's men in blue in an untenable position. Under the state laws cops are sworn to uphold, they're obligated to arrest hookers, but, this city edict would order them to institute a 'look the other way' policy.

Will Beserkly do 'the right thing' and cut their booty purveyors some slack, or will the citizens living on or near San Pablo Avenue convince their neighbors to send the hookers packing? What's a mushy-brained bleeding heart way lefty to do?

It's political hack 101 to avoid taking a stand on any hot-button issues...both political clans do it. But, the lefties raised it to an art-form by taking both sides of such issues. Henceforth this lefty propensity will be deemed "taking a Kerry" on a given issue, what the ubiquitous 'they' called "talking from both sides of your mouth" in the bad old days.

Nanny State Ninnies
Source: Sacramento Bee [08/11]

Irony reared it's ugly head - again - when Oxnard (Mexifornia) banned certain disreputable citizens from wearing anything festooned with a Dallas Cowboy insignia. Where's the irony, you ask? Oxnard is the city where this legendary Mexas football team holds it annual summer camp. When citizens worried about wearing the team's 'colors', the proper authorities were forced to explain that the legal injunction concerns 41 specific individuals who belong to a certain street gang. Cool, but did you explain this to Oxnards men in blue?

The proper authorities mean well, I suppose, but it's not the gang's attire that makes them a menace to society, it's their illegal actions. Let them wear anything they damn please, but come down on them like the wrath of Old Ka-Boom if they so much as j-walk. Oxnard's proper authorities need to get up close and personal with one inconvenient fact: even gang punks are born with certain inalienable individual liberties.

Another Mexifornia Ballot Initiative
Source: Pagan Scribbler News Wire [08/04]

The Mexifornia dude who initiated the Gray Davis recall petition is back for another swipe at Mexifornia's professional political hacks with a new ballot initiative that would dump the state's full-time legislature and impose a part-time legislature in its place. If it passes, his initiative would force the Marxist hacks to go cold turkey with a non-negotiable 90 legislative days per year. His name is Ted Costa and he's got way too much time on his hands.

That howl you hear is the primal scream emanating from the besieged legicrats, who see all those special interest perks going down the crapper. That maniacal laughter you hear is me, enjoying this happy horse crap while I can.

Will this ballot measure pass? No way in hell, professional hack Sparky.

Terminating Mexifornia's Bloated Government
Source: Pagan Scribbler News Wire [08/01]

A proposed plan to reorganize - lop off several tons of bureaucratic lard - Mexifornia's egregiously bloated government has the usual suspects in a hyper tizzy. Dumping 12,000 state jobs...eliminating scores of state boards and commissions has way lefty legicrat's eyes spinning in opposite directions. They act like the estimated $32 billion in dead presidents - the probable savings over 5 years - is coming out of their pockets.

Governor Arnold hasn't endorsed the plan, yet, but you can bet the proverbial farm that he will, the minute he reads the 2,500 page report. Will Mexifornia hacks let all that power slip through their fingers? No way in hell, job-for-life Sparky.


Coddling Colonistas, Again
Source: San Jose Mercury News [09/27]

Oakland (Mexifornia) terminated their DUI checkpoints, after some Colonista whiners in positions of civic authority complained that too many illegal immigrants were being bagged for driving without a license or auto insurance. City Council president Ignacio D La Fuente whimpers that DUI checkpoints make life miserable for the border jumping sludge, and that's just plain un-Amerikan.

Collapsing under this Colonista hack pressure, Oakland's Police Chief, Richard L. Word, immediately, ran up the a white flag, ordering his department to cease and desist trying to make Oakland's roads safe for the driving public. Despite his anglo sounding name, Chief Word is, obviously, descended from Surrender Monkey stock. Go figure.

Oakland DUI Checkpoint Update
Source: Washington Times [09/29]

Hammered by outraged citizens, and rational adults from sea to shining sea, Oakland mayor Jerry Brown - that's right, an ex-Mexifornia governor is Oakland's mayor - decreed that the cops resume their DUI checkpoints, dubbing the stoppage "a dumb idea". Starting next week, the checkpoints will be back, a fun fact that's destined to thrill the Colonista whiners' spitless.

For once, Jerry 'Lower Your Expectations' Brown didn't live down to this "Governor Moonbeam" reputation. This pagan is amazed to find himself conferring Kudos on Jerry Brown, of all people.

Mexifornia's Stealth Hate Crimes Law
Source: Pagan Scribbler News Wire [09/25]

Without any fanfare, or a single news report, Mexifornia's action hero governor signed SB 1234, legicrap that Emerilized the state's hate crimes law to include any prattle that some limp-wristed GLAAD BAAG finds "intimidating", or threatening. With one action hero autograph, Governor Arnold subjugated every rational Mexifornia denizen's free speech protection to the irrational, GLAAD BAAG horde. Henceforth a Mexifornian's speech is only as free as the most chronically-oppressed, insanely-irrational, GLAAD BAAG will allow.

According to a Free Republic posting, the law is a Sword of Damocles hanging over every sovereign Mexifornian individual's inalienable liberty:

'...Under this legislation, individuals could claim that someone expressing their deeply held beliefs, whether political or religious, presents an "intimidating" threat that is punishable.

A section of the proposed law reads as follows:
Speech alone is not sufficient to support an action brought [under this law] except upon a showing that the speech itself threatens violence against a specific person or group of persons; and the person or group of persons against whom the threat is directed reasonably fears that, because of the speech, violence will be committed against them or their property and that the person threatening violence had the apparent ability to carry out the threat....'

The real story here isn't Mexifornia's socially liberal governor, nor is it that Marxist dyke legicrat - state Senator Sheila Kuehl - who perpetrated this fetid, legicrap turd. The real story is the one that isn't being told. The real story is the fact that no major fishwrap, or news organization, saw fit to discuss the liberty-crushing implications contained in this bill. That's one reason that a weekly visit to PIG's news pages are vital to your inalienable liberty.

The only boom box show that aired this story was Tammy Bruce's weekly chatfest. Ms. Bruce laid into this law, with a vengeance, cementing her place on this pagan's heroines of individualism list. Tragically, her show stood apart from the crowd, because, none of the vast right-wingnut conspiracy boom box babblers mentioned it. Heaven forbid that Medved, Hannity, Rantell, Elder, Limbaugh, Hewitt, or Ingraham assail their Elephant Clan homeboy - Mexifornia's action hero governor - for this frontal assault on inalienable liberty.

Mexifornia Briefly
Source: Pagan Scribbler News Wire [09/23]

Davey Boy Exposed?
Congresspunk David Dreier is getting it from all sides...literally, if the rumors being circulated are true. Dreier’s ‘secret’ is, gradually, oozing into the mainstream, because, yesterday, KFI (John and Ken, of course) were on it. This morning, KABC’s morning boombox show was discussing it. The 'it' in question is the unfounded, but persistent, assertion that Davey Boy is a bun ranger whose significant other is his own chief of staff, Brad Smith.

If true, does it amount to a hill of re-fried beans? Not really. Dreier's primary 'sin' against liberty centers on his illegal immigrant coddling, plus his support for relentless Nanny State growth.

Illegal Drivers License Bill
The long awaited decision on Mexifornia's driver's license for illegal immigrants bill is in and Mexifornia's action hero made the right choice by terminating it. Borrowing a line from Arnold's movie star days, the Marxist hack promoting this bill vows: "I'll be back".

Oh My Aching Back
The job-for-life cretins in the state's Draconian occupational safety cabal, the infamous Cal/OSHA, are poised to boldly go where they no shit never belonged. The fetid notion under serious consideration would 'ban most hand-weeding on farms, citing the debilitating back pain the practice creates for thousands of laborers across California' (Sacramento Bee).

Due to the delicate nature inherent in certain crops - lettuce, carrots, celery and strawberries - hand-weeding is a must to prevent crop damage. If the 'oh my aching back' laborers don't want to do the job, they can go back home and the farmers will find someone willing to perform this essential task. If the labor pool dries up completely, some bright individual will devise a mechanical way to get the same task done, eliminating the need for these whining farm workers.

I'm guessing that farmers won't make this move to technology until market forces - rising labor costs - forces them into it. This cheap bastard mentality is one reason the market for illegal immigrant labor keeps mushrooming. Would I be willing to pay more for my lettuce to send the illegal immigrant horde back home where they belong? You better believe it, close the damn borders Sparky.

Mexifornia Legicrap Update
Source: Sacramento Bee [09/19]

Mexifornia's action hero governor returned to his "take no prisoners" roots when he vetoed several legicrap turds the Marxist hacks...deposited, on his desk.

Minimum Wage Bill: This legicrap would elevate Mexifornia's minimum wage to $7.75 per hour. Citing the bill's negative impact on state businesses, Governor Arnold terminated it.

Wal Mart Roadblock Bill: Would require big-box, mega stores - Wal Mart, Costco, etc. - to jump through numerous bureaucratic hoops before they could build a store on their own property. Unions and other anti-capitalists didn't need to work that hard to get the Marxist Donkey Clan hacks to pass this puppy. Governor Arnold terminated it.

No Random Drug Tests in Cess-Schools Bill: Would limit - essentially eradicate - random drug testing in Mexifornia's government cess-schools. Governor Arnold concluded - quite properly - that drug testing policies should be determined at the local level by the relevant school district, so he terminated this one, too.

Channeling his girlie side, Governor Arnold expanded the Mexifornia Nanny State by putting his John Hancock on the following legislative turds:

The battered woman bill: Makes it easier for women who cured their hubby's spousal abuse problems by rendering him room temperature to shysterize their way out of Mexifornia's gray bar.

The bodysurfing bill: Due to the fact that, since 2000, three alleged humans bagged the human gene pool improvement brass ring by snorting boat exhaust fumes, this bill makes it a crime to 'have a boat engine running while someone is hanging on the rear of the vessel, body surfing in the wake or on the swim deck or swim ladder' (Bee). If some intellectual flatliner is too stupid to realize that snorting exhaust fumes is hazardous to one's health , then a room temperature transition is their just reward. No matter how hard it tries, the Nanny State can't save every dolt from his, her, or its own stupidity.

The tenants rights bill: Forces landlords to give deadbeats 60 days notice before eviction if the deadbeat lived in your rental property for a year or more. The same 60 day notice is required before raising the rents. But the real Nanny State gem is a clause that bans the property owner from using the tenant's source of income as a reason not to rent. Deadbeat hookers, drug dealers and career criminals rejoice, Mexifornia has your back!

Mexifornia Politics
Source: Sacramento Bee [09/17]

A Thousand Oaks [Southern Mexifornia] city council candidate attracted national...attention when 'he handed out fliers at the city's Oktoberfest celebration stating, "President George W. Bush Deserves to Be Assassinated." The handbill also called for a sex attack on the president's twin daughters' (Bee).

His name is Daniel Avila and he's not backing down. That's why Secret Service agents and Ventura County sheriff's deputies showed up at this week's city council meeting. They missed this asshat, because he was a no show, but I'm guessing they'll be watching him closely, for the foreseeable future.

Mexifornia's Media Slut
Source: Pagan Scribbler Shallow Thoughts [09/17]

David Dreier is a media slut who will 'spread his legs' for anyone packing a live microphone. Stealth Wisdom

Unwilling to face the heat to which John and Ken are subjecting him...Continuing to deny that their Political Human Sacrifice antics are undermining his re-election campaign...Media slut David Dreier is slated to appear on Larry Elder's show [Be advised that Elder's show goes head-to-head against John and Ken's KFI extravaganza]. Dreier's stated purpose is to discuss his views on...drum roll please...immigration.

He's, no shit, a waste of breathable air. He, no shit, deserves involuntary retirement from congress, right damn now!

One Reason Hell-A Is So Screwed
Source: Pagan Scribbler News Wire [09/09]

According to a survey conducted by the Literacy Network of Greater Los Angeles - aided and abetted by the United Way - a whopping 53% of the age 16 and above Hell-A workforce is "functionally illiterate". Am I the only one who isn't shocked senseless over this 'breaking news'?

'...The study measured levels of literacy across the region using data from the 2000 Census, the U.S. Department of Education and a survey of literacy programs taken from last September to January. It classified 3.8 million Los Angeles County residents as "low-literate," meaning they could not write a note explaining a billing error, use a bus schedule or locate an intersection on a street map...' (L.A. Daily News)

This is the inevitable result when government cess-schools stop instilling knowledge and concentrate, instead, on graduating idiots with self-esteem. Another, more important, factor is mentioned in passing, but not given the attention it needs. I'm referring, of course, to the border jumping scum that infests Southern Mexifornia in general and Hell-A in particular. Given their steadfast refusal to learn English, these Colonistas aren't likely to change their ways, before our Sun burns out. This rampaging illiteracy is proof positive that the cess-school and illegal immigration chickens came home to roost in a third world cesspool called Hell-A.

It shouldn't shock my loyal readers to hear that the answer served up by the usual suspects involves dooming more dead presidents to a government educrap rathole. Throwing money at this problem only made it worse. What makes them think it will, miraculously solve it, now? Wake up and smell the Mexifornia is doomed coffee, shit for brains.

David Dreier Wins the John and Ken sweepstakes
Source: Pagan Scribbler News Wire [09/07]

Outraged over W's pathetic performance on immigration, a Hell-A based radio duo, KFI's John and Ken, decided to hold Elephant Clan feet to the fire, so they organized a contest they call, "Political Human Sacrifice". The idea is to select a Southern Mexifornia Congresspunk, and 'sacrifice' him for the Elephant Clan's Sins of Omission on immigration. First, they took nominees from their audience, selecting the top five vote getters for the second round. Round two involved each 'lucky' politician coming on their show to explain what they are doing to stem the illegal immigrant tide that is turning Mexifornia into a Tijuana slum. All the lucky nominees showed up, except for the top vote getter - Congresspunk David 'Media Whore' Dreier.

Given his no show status, Dreier won the contest with a whopping 76% of all the votes cast. That means that John and Ken will be hammering him, daily, doing everything in their power to get him defeated this election cycle. It's an uphill battle, but one worth fighting. Kudos are conferred to this dynamic boom box duo for standing up and being counted on the vital illegal immigration issue.

Mexifornia Mendacity
Source: Capitalism Magazine [09/06]

Assembly Bill 358, a bill passed by the militantly Marxist Mexifornia legicrats, boldly goes where it shouldn't go. In its zeal to grant new rights to NO NADS, this bill requires that certain Mexifornia departments seek guidance in a Black Helicopter Club goodie called CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women). So what, you ask? Oh, did I forget to mention that the Uncle Sam never ratified this particular Black Helicopter brain-fart?

According to this excellent Capitalism Magazine item, CEDAW contains numerous troubling elements:

'...[CEDAW] not only opens the door to federal funding for abortions in Article 16 (e), by granting women the "rights to decide freely and responsibly on the number and spacing of their children and to have access to the information, education and means to enable them to exercise these rights," it also includes a curious left-field provision supporting global nuclear disarmament, purported as a necessary inclusion to aid the "relaxation of international tension" which leads to, apparently, "the attainment of full equality between men and women."

Additionally, Article 11, Section Two calls forth treaty participants to "ensure (women’s) effective right to work" by providing "maternity leave with pay" and "the necessary supporting social services to enable parents to combine family obligations with work responsibilities," to include establishment of "a network of childcare facilities." A great financial burden for our nation’s taxpayers to assume, no doubt – but an even larger liability is outlined in Article 12. Participating nations should provide pregnant women and new mothers with "free services where necessary," Section Two reads...' (Emphasis added)

When, exactly, did Mexifornia stop being part of the USA and become a fiefdom controlled by the Black Helicopter Club? Hopefully, Mexifornia's action hero governor will veto this bovine excrement, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. When it comes to coddling NO NADs, he's - where have I heard this before - a no shit girlie man.


Them's Fighting Words In Hell-A
Source: Sacramento Bee [10/26]

Hell-A officials took one look at Michael's Brown's banner and black flagged it as unsuitable for Hell A's mean streets. Mr. Brown, 'Pastor of the Messianic Jewish group Adat Y'shua Ha Adon' (Bee), deemed the ban religious bias and called in a supernaturalist shyster cabal, American Center for Law and Justice, to play lawsuit bingo with Hell-A hacks.

For those dying to know what shocked Hell-A hacks into this "take those damn things down" tantrum, here's the down and dirty:

'...The banner promoted an event called, "Jews who believe in Jesus High Holy Days Services."...' (Bee)

For reason's this pagan doesn't pretend to understand, Hell-A's reigning asshats won't have language like "Jews who believe in Jesus" bandied about on the city's mean streets. If you've got a clue on this, e-mail this scribbler a "heads-up", because I just don't get it.

Free speech isn't even remotely "free" in Hell-A. You heard it here, first.

Kava Klowns
Source: Reuters [10/26]

Pot, crack and booze aren't the only substances that can get the user black flagged for DUI in Mexifornia. Throughout the no longer 'golden' state, local authorities deemed a herbal tea, Kava, number one with a bullet in the latest 'too thrashed to drive' sweepstakes. Herbal tea? Go figure.

Unlike the usual mind-numbing don't use it and drive, goodies, Kava leaves your alleged mind crystal clear while it zaps your motor skills into oblivion:

'...Motorists under the influence of Kava had a "thousand-yard stare", [San Mateo Deputy District Attorney Chris] Feasel said. "They're drooling on themselves sometimes, their motor function is so bad," he added. He said that police had pulled over kava-addled motorists who were swerving, veering into other lanes and drifting onto the road's shoulder...' (Reuters)

Kava swillers who played DUI roulette admitted imbibing '10 to 20 bowls of the bitter tea' (Reuters). 10 to 20 bowls! It's a minor miracle these tea junkies didn't piss themselves into a coma. No wonder they look dazed.

Election Cycle Musings
Source: Pagan Scribbler Shallow Thoughts [10/24]

The presidential election - as far as Mexifornia is concerned - ended years ago, because, from the instant W took his oath of office in January 2001, the state's 2004 electoral college delegates belonged to any Donkey Clan hack who ran against W in 2004. As the decision drew closer and the election fever heated up, the din it produced sounded muffed - at best - on those rare occasions when Mexifornians heard it rumbling in the distance. Curiously, local News Nazis continue to, breathlessly, report the latest polls...the latest make-or-break issue...as if it matters here in Mexifornia. Is it force of habit? I don't know, or care. More likely, they don't have anything better to do with their time.

Since the News Nazis, the boom box babblers and all those blithering political activists don't get the big picture, I'll explain the facts of electoral, Mexifornia life to them. Thanks to Mexifornia's anemic Elephant Clan party and an overwhelmingly lefty electorate, the no longer 'golden' state's presidential election is over. Our legislative races are over, too, thanks to a redistricting scheme that makes every state legicrat seat and every congressional seat a safe one. Our U. S. Senate race is over, as if there was ever any doubt Boxer would thrash her latest, dumber than a box of rocks, Elephant Clan rival. Voter apathy? You better believe it, left coast Sparky.

Mexifornia's only role in the this 'hotly-contested' election involves being what one glib wag termed: serving as the ATM machine for both presidential candidates. We don't get ads for or against W...We don't get visited by either presidential candidate, or their running mates. But, whenever the dominant political clans need a dead presidents infusion, they nail the trusty Mexifornia ATM machine to fill those cash-starved campaign coffers. The least they could do is leave a five-spot on the dresser after they 'have their way with us'.

Given these fun facts, Mexifornia's election day turnout depends, entirely, on the fervor generated by this year's ballot proposition crop. Unless motivated by a ballot initiative, Elephant Clan voters might, quite reasonably, stay home, robbing W of the votes needed to give him the moral-boosting, 'popular vote' victory on November 3. So far, several propositions showed some promise, but none of them generated sufficient heat to get Mexifornia voters to the polls. It's highly unlikely that one will catch fire in time to get the job done, at this late date.

Here in Mexifornia, the down and dirty is that, no matter how much - or how little - we care about this election and its outcome, there's not a damn thing we can do to change the results: Kerry takes Mexifornia, but there won't be any film at eleven, or any other hour. File this story under, "Wake us when it's over".

Can Anybody Spare A Dime...Or Two?
Source: San Francisco Chronicle [10/16]

The reality-insulated eggheads running a Mexifornia Ivory Tower named St. Mary's College got so excited when two 'deep pocketed' donors promised to pony up $121 million in dead presidents in 1997, they spent $26 million of it on a new science building, before they collected one thin dime of the promised largesse. There's just one pesky problem with this generous, educrap-loving donor...The alleged deep pockets are empty and there's no way for these eggheads to get blood out of a turnip. That's why these too eager for their own good eggheads are scrambling for cover, trying to elude the smug donors' "Gotcha suckers!"

If you're civic minded and have $26 million in loose change lying around, would you mind having your name plastered on a Mexifornia Ivory Tower's spanking new science building? Oh...by the way, if you do decide to bail the eggheads out, you'll need to pony up the boodle in newly minted dead presidents, because, these days, the eggheads are fresh out of trust.

Starting Them Young In Santa Monica
Source: Santa Monica Mirror [10/07]

It's, probably, not breaking news that the socialist asshats infesting Santa Monica are infecting their spawn with their lefty-to-the-max delusions, but don't try to convince the scribblers at the Santa Monica Mirror. This weekly Santa Monica fishwrap, breathlessly, gloats about a new group perpetrated by socialists-in-training. It's called "Socially Active Youth of California" and their causes include: 'environmental awareness, women’s rights, gun control, universal health care and gay rights' (Mirror).

This self-perpetuating socialism means that the People's Republic of Santa Monica won't be rejoining reality for at least another generation. So be it...Like I give a flaming damn what the asshats in Soviet Monica perpetrate. "Their city...their self-imposed hell" sums up my attitude perfectly.

A Golden D'oh Epic
Source: Sacramento Bee [10/06]

Still peeved at Mexifornia's action hero governor because he vetoed the drivers license for illegal aliens bill, Mexifornia Colonistas are making noises about a 'symbolic' protest that will show the mighty Terminator that they mean business. They want everyone to 'donate' DVDs and video tapes of Arnold's many movies so they can destroy them in a gala, public ceremony, some time in December. Take that, Conan!

Arnold is a smart dude, so I seriously doubt that he's going to lose sleep over this pathetic stunt. He knows that, before the Colonistas can destroy his flicks, somebody has to buy them, first, and that's when he gets his cut of the take. In fact, Arnold might actually make a lot more money if these Colonista morons run out and buy Arnold flicks to destroy. "D'oh" seems appropriate, but grossly inadequate in this context.


What's A Lefty To Do?
Source: Santa Monica Mirror [11/22]

The Neo-Marxist hacks who control the People's Republic of Santa Monica have a pesky problem that hits so close to home that they're forced to suck it up and tolerate a blatant violation of the republic's laws. According to Santa Monica's prevailing laws, Municipal Code section 3.12.680: "It shall be unlawful for any vehicle having a gross weight, including load, in excess of three tons to be operated on any street within this City except those streets defined as primary or secondary truck routes...". This edict means that plus-size SUV's - Hummers, Suburbans, Expeditions, etc - that weigh in over 6,000 pounds aren't street legal in the people's republic. Will Santa Monica's commissars round up SUV driving lefties, impound their cars and execute the owners at dawn? Probably not, unless they want to terminate their hack careers prematurely.

The city's Transportation Planning manager - Lucy Dyke - reassures the city's lefty SUV owners that, except for a few essential areas - the Pier and the California Incline - the proper authorities won't be ticketing SUV driving comrades for taking their rides into 'technically' unauthorized areas in the city. In other words, we're only going to enforce the law on this dastardly capitalists who use heavier than allowed trucks to deliver goods, building material, etc, in the wrong part of town. And here you were worried needlessly.

Am I the only one who deems it ironic - in the extreme - that the People's Republic employs a bureaucratic wench whose last name is "Dyke"?

Another Gulag Brain-Fart
Source: Pagan Scribbler News Wire [11/21]

The lefty-infested Gulag [San Francisco] is poised to run another fetid, tax them into proper behavior, notion up the city council flagpole: a seventeen cents levy on each grocery sack. The hack excuses for this tax include saving Flipper and his pals from these dastardly bags, plus, preventing some egregiously unsupervised tyke from getting suffocated in a plastic grocery bag. Although the stated intention is to wean shoppers off plastic and back onto paper, these tax -wielding lefties plan to tax paper bags, too. Am I the only one who remembers that these same lefties touted plastic grocery bags - way back when - to save all those trees that were terminated, prematurely, to become paper sacks? Probably, because selective memory is a well-documented lefty asshat affliction..

As usual, everyone is geared up for a fight:

A spokesdolt from the American Plastics Council, served up a nifty, lefty-friendly, reason to deep-six this proposed tax: "This tax is going to hurt those who can least afford it."

Newly elected Supervisor, Ross Mirkarimi, has his own spin on this burning issue: "We all have a responsibility to promote a healthy and sustainable environment, and by doing that, it means we need to help change people's patterns, and that even means their shopping patterns. This is a sensible user fee." (Sacramento Bee)

Already insanely expensive, the price for dwelling in this way-lefty, alleged, Eden is going up. Call me names if you must, but I can't muster any sympathy for self-inflicted wounds. That's right, I'm going to say 'it' again: It's their lefty-to-the-max hell, so it's only fair that they burn in it.

Mexifornia's Bold New Tax Scheme
Source: News Max [11/16]

The instant Mexifornia's action hero governor picked a career environut, career bureaucrat to head the state's Department of Motor Vehicles, his appointee, Joan Borucki, thrilled everyone with a tax cars by the mile scheme. In theory, the new tax replaces the state's existing 18 cents a gallon levy on gasoline. In practice, it will be added, in addition to the gas tax, because, Mexifornia's Marxist hacks don't believe in lowering or abolishing any tax.

The mileage tax is made possible by a GPS transponder that will be installed in every Mexifornia ride. This high tech goodie allows the Nanny State to track your every movement. That's right, Big Mexifornia Brother will be watching every move state denizens make in their ride and taking copious notes...for future reference. If you don't see the inherent danger in letting job-for-life, government cess-schooled, affirmative action hired hacks dog your every move, you're in a coma.

News Max shines a bright light on this asinine notion's rampaging hypocrisy with the following prose:

'...the scheme is illustrative of the failure of the liberal-socialist welfare state mentality. For years, liberal California environmentalists have been pressuring their Democratic allies in state government to tighten automotive emissions and gas mileage standards. Hence, for years California residents have been penalized for wanting to drive any vehicle larger than a beer can with a motor. Now that residents have finally responded to all this pressure and penalization by buying high-mileage, cleaner-burning vehicles, the welfare socialists in state government are afraid the current gasoline tax won't be sufficient to maintain the state's roadways...'

One reason the gas tax doesn't cover road repair/construction needs is the thrilling fact that hacks - including the Terminator - routinely raid the gas tax revenue to squander on assorted Marxist welfare schemes. Another reason it's insufficient is the traffic snarling congestion caused by the illegal immigrant horde that infests Mexifornia in general and Southern Mexifornia in particular.

Are you feeling smug because you don't live in Mexifornia? Hold that though for a tick.

Fact: this notion didn't originate in Mexifornia. It was hatched - is currently road testing a pilot program - in Oregon.

Fact: Numerous other states are seriously considering it.

Granted, this mileage tax is a blue state brain-fart, for now, but..unless you stop it, it's gonna crop up from sea to shining sea, red state Sparky.

Mexifornia's Halfway House For Deposed Hacks
Source: L.A. Times [11/12]

Mexifornia's action hero governor decided that 19 political appointees - each of them pulling down at least $100,000 per year - are getting free, taxpayer-funded ride. Governor Arnold slammed the door on this home office scam when he ordered these clowns to show up at their real offices, every damn work day, for a full 9-5 work shift. The ensuing hack whining didn't impress the The Terminator, but it makes my day. Most of these free loaders are former Gray Davis homeboys who got these cushy taxfunded gigs on Mexifornia's countless commissions during the final, hectic days of Davis's curtailed tenure.

A few examples will expose this boondoggle in all its fetid glory:

Name: Daniel Zingale
Job: Member of Agriculture Labor Relations Board
Salary: $114,191
Fun Fact: Took a $50,000 consulting job to defeat a November 2004 ballot initiative.

Name: Steve Maviglio
Job: Member Unemployment Insurance Board
Salary: $114,191
Fun Fact: Formerly a Davis press secretary, Stevie boy earned $20,000 as a campaign consultant for some Donkey Clan state legicrats during the 2004 election cycle.

Name: Janice Jamison Murray
Job: Member of Workers Compensation Appeals Board
Salary: $114,191
Fun Fact: She's married to Donkey Clan state Senator Kevin Murray.

State commission appointments are a costly joke on Mexifornia's taxpayers. These gigs are golden parachute-class halfway houses for deposed political hacks. Governor Arnold should terminate the whole commission boondoggle, but that isn't likely while Marxist Donkey Clan hacks control the state legislature. Given that bitter reality, making these commissioners earn their money is the next best thing. Give 'em hell, Terminator dude.

Terminator Spells It Out
Source: San Diego Union-Tribune [11/04]

Anticipating another legicrat bite at the elusive 'drivers licenses for border jumping scumbags' apple, Mexifornia's action hero governor laid down some non-negotiable requirements. Give 'em hell, Terminator dude. Needless to say the prime mover behind the licenses for illegals scam - Amerikan-hating Marxist legicrat, state Senator Gil Cedillo - isn't thrilled spitless by Governor Arnold's terms:

'..."I've already made it very clear that it has to be a different color driver's license so it's very clear it says foreigner or immigrant," the Republican governor said...' (Union Tribune)

The governor spelled it out so clearly that even an assclown like Gil Cedillo should "get it":

'...the governor made it clear that he will accept nothing less than a completely different license so that it is immediately identifiable and could not be used for any other purpose...'

'...Schwarzenegger said an easily-identifiable license is important to ensure that fraudulent licenses are not used to open bank accounts or board planes...' (Union-Tribune)

Spearheaded by Gil 'Asshat' Cedillo, Colonista legicrats vow to fight these illegals-exposing drivers licenses, because they defeat the Colonistas' real purpose: granting full, unfettered, (virtual) citizenship on border jumping invaders who damn sure don't deserve it. If Mexico is so nifty, why the hell doesn't Cedillo renounce his Amerikan citizenship and move there? Trust me when I tell you that nobody will miss this Amerika hating Colonista bastard.

Color Coding Prisoners
Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel [11/03]

The usual suspects are so scandalized that Mexifornia - gasp - segregates prison inmates by race and gang affiliation that they shysterized this burning issue all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. For those who give a rip, here are the case's essentials, as spouted by the relevant shysters:

Ethnocrat Shyster

'...Bert H. Deixler, an attorney for a black prisoner, Garrison Johnson, who challenged the state's policy as a violation of his constitutional right to equal treatment, said the practice "flies in the face of this court's 50-year march away from segregation."...'

Mexifornia's Shyster

'...Defending the prisons' racial segregation, California Assistant Attorney General Frances T. Grunder told the court that the state "is ground zero for race-based street gangs. To ignore this fact puts both prisoners and guards in danger."...' (Sun-Sentinel)

Try as I might, I can't find a 'downside' in this one prisoner killing another prisoner thing. By all means, mix the rival gang members, the warring races. The resulting carnage will provide a timely cure for our mushrooming prison population. Room temperature killers, rapists and assorted other career thugs works just fine for me.


Mexifornia's Annual New Year's 'Gift'
Source: San Francisco Chronicle [12/30]

The no longer "Golden" State continues to "Nanny" inalienable individual liberty into oblivion with it's annual legicrap deluge. Starting on January 01, 2005, the following edicts will begin torturing sovereign Mexifornia individuals:

'...Children under the age of 6 or weighing less than 60 pounds will be banned from the front passenger seats of most autos and required to be safely restrained in the back seat...'

'...[it will be illegal] to operate motorized scooters without a California driver's license or learner's permit. Modifying the scooters to increase their noise -- or riding them after dark, or on freeways -- will also be outlawed...'

'...every driver must turn on their vehicle's headlights during the daylight hours if they also find the need to use windshield wipers continually...'

'...it becomes illegal for California insurance companies to offer health insurance benefits not inclusive of gay and lesbian employee partners...'

'...Those convicted of drug possession or use will no longer be banned from receiving food stamps...' (Chronicle)

Color this Mexifornia taxpayer thrilled spitless, again.

Another Mexifornia GLAAD BAAG Melee
Source: Sacramento Bee [12/22]

Mexifornia's family values goose-steppers are seeking a family friendly, 'judicial activism' ruling to derail a new GLAAD BAAG coddling law scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2005. So far, they're not getting any joy from the state's black robed lefties, but it's still early in the game.

When it takes force, the new law will give GLAAD BAAG couples many of the state-conferred rights granted to married, heterosexual, couples:

'...[Under the new law] same-sex couples who register as domestic partners in California will have the same spousal benefits as married couples in California except for the ability to file joint income taxes. That includes access to divorce courts, automatic parental status, and responsibility for each other's debts...' (Bee)

Homophobic holy rollers claim that this legicrap violates Mexifornia's Prop 22 - it mandates that Mexifornia will only recognize marriages between a man and a woman - so they asked the state's Third Court of Appeals to issue a stay, until the case is decided. The relevant black robes shot them down on the stay but allowed the underlying case to proceed, leaving the door wide open for more drama.

Stay tuned for more homophobic fireworks in the coming months. As usual, when anything newsworthy occurs on this story, PIG will bring you all the nifty news nuggets.

Gulag Brainfart
Source: Sacramento Bee [12/15]

Gulag (San Francisco) hacks put an initiative on the next city-wide ballot that would disarm law abiding citizens and leave them at an armed and dangerous desperado's mercy. If passed, this edict would give city denizens 90 days to turn in their firearms, unless they're cops, security guards, in the military, or "actually employed and engaged in protecting and preserving property or life within the scope of his or her employment" (Bee). Rational, Bay Area adults note that this edict paints a bull's-eye on the Gulag and should have every desperado in Mexifornia headed there to take advantage of these easy pickings. That might suck for Gulag denizens, but it renders other Mexifornia denizens a bit safer, because their local desperados will be plying their armed and dangerous trade somewhere else.

Before Gulag voters give their okey dokey to this edict, they need to know that it's, apparently, a frontal assault on existing Mexifornia law which 'bars local governments from usurping the state's authority to regulated firearms' (Bee). If you don't smell an immediate legal challenge by Mexifornia's Second Amendment purists, you're in a coma.

If the Gulag's wants to play bull's-eye, I'm loath to stop them. It's their unarmed populace hell...let them burn in it.

This Sacramento fishwrap piece did offer up a nifty reality check for anyone who thinks an unarmed populace is safer. After pointing out that Washington D.C. is the only other big Amerikan city to disarm it's populace, the NRA's director of public affairs, Andrew Arulanandam, spread this joy:

"If gun control worked, Washington, D.C., would be the beacon. However, it's the murder capital of the United States." (Bee)

Don't hold your breath waiting for Gulag way lefties to heed this timely warning. Before he started mainlining on Elephant Clan Kool-Aid, Larry Elder nailed it when he opined "A fact to an emotional liberal is like kryptonite to Superman." Truer words, loyal readers, truer words.

Hell-A Job Perks
Source: Sacramento Bee [12/05]

Red-faced Hell-A hacks scrambled to quell a crisis of public confidence when news leaked that two drivers in the city's sanitation department ran up a whopping $7,000 bill on the cell phones the city passed out 'for use in emergencies only'. Although this 'no personal calls' edict is enshrined in official city policy, the two cellidiot perps insist that nobody ever told them...Yeah right, dudes, now tell me the one about the Easter Bunny.

Unlike the real world where such antics would get the guilty dipsticks fired, Hell-A hacks decided that the harshest punishment they could muster is a 30-day suspension, plus, empty threats to recoup the $7,000 from the perpetrator's pay. You're delusional if you think a public employees' union will allow the city to pull anything that 'real' on its members.

A cell phone for each garbage truck driver? What's up with that crap? It would be much, much cheaper to give each driver a roll of quarters and the home office's phone number. Better still, issue them phone company calling cards that restrict the user to official city office phone numbers, only. Are there any rational adults left in Hell-A, or did the last ones leave when the Ayn Rand Institute moved it's operation to Orange County, Mexifornia?

Reshaping Mexifornia Politics
Source: Pagan Scribbler News Wire [12/02]

Mexifornia's action hero governor is making meaningful noises about calling a special election to resolve certain burning issues that make the state uncool for sovereign individuals. According to a Sacramento Bee piece the following items are on the Terminators short list:

A budget measure to impose a restrictive spending limit on Mexifornia's Marxist hacks.

A measure to defang certain all-powerful Mexifornia unions that have a stranglehold on state hacks.

A measure to allow an independent panel of retired judges to draw rational, competitive, legislative districts.

The usual 'experts' predict that any or all of these measures would require a major Terminator sales pitch to motivate a critical, Mexifornia voter, mass to enact them. Whatever the odds, the state needs all three items, so it's a risk that needs to be taken. If anyone can get the job done, it's the Terminator.

Ironically, the Elephant Clan hacks are almost as annoyed by the Terminator's quest for redistricting as their dominant Donkey Clan rivals. What if...gasp...they were forced to actually campaign for a change? What if elections stopped being a rubber stamp on job for life hack status and became...meaningful? This prospect, both parties opine, is just too horrible to contemplate.


Mexifornia Politics - Business As Usual
Source: World Net Daily

Mexifornia's socialist hacks recently elevated a Sombrero Stomper hack, Fabian Nunez, to the coveted Speakership for the state Assembly. A no shit immigrant, he sings two different tunes, depending on which language he's spewing.

In Spanish, to La Cronica (Mexico City):

"I have already personally declared political war on Schwarzenegger," he was quoted as saying, "that is the reason I was elected by my supporters. This is only the beginning of the confrontations with Governor Schwarzenegger. In a meeting I had with him, I advised him that the Democrats will not allow him to step on our principles, which are to defend the rights of immigrants and the Californios." (WND)

In Gringo, to the Sacramento Bee:

"I look forward to working with him. I think we're going to find so much common ground that we're going to make (Republican legislative leaders) nervous." (WND)

If anyone is shocked by this Mexifornia hack's duplicity, they're not paying attention. Nunez's loyalty is to the 'old country', first, last and always. He's not an immigrant, he's a god damn invader determined to colonize the no longer 'Golden' state for Mexico. That's why this pagan calls asshats like Nunez 'Colonistas'.

Smelling The Business Hostile Coffee In Mexifornia
Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Mexifornia's business climate must be worse than I realized, because even the Bay Area's way lefties can see that it's a problem. A recent Field Poll performed in the Bay Area spit out these stats:

'...Among other interesting data in the poll was this finding: 71 percent of Bay Area residents believe government and community leaders need to do more to keep and attract business investment to the region. Least satisfied with current efforts to generate jobs and draw businesses are residents of Marin, Sonoma and Santa Clara counties, where 74 percent of those surveyed think leaders should do more...' (Chronicle)

Granted these lefties - quite predictably - seek a government solution for a government-perpetrated problem, but at least they realize that this problem exists and that it's a big one. Now, if we could make them take the next step - taking government completely out of the marketplace - there might be hope for Mexifornia. Okay...OKAY! I'm not holding my breath for Bay Area capitalist enlightenment, either, so stop yammering at me.

For those who crave some examples, this article cited the following:

'...Workers' compensation costs at Coast Converters, a plastic bag manufacturing plant doing business in East Los Angeles for 40 years, will be about $680,000 for 2003, up from $225,000 in 2000. That and other spiraling costs made owner Mitchell Greif's decision to move to Las Vegas rather simple. His workers' comp bill there will be $180,000.

Vito Longo moved his 10-year-old small aerospace company, Equipment Management Technologies, from San Carlos to Las Vegas in August 2002, cut his costs of doing business by 50 percent and grew the business by 20 percent.

Kjeld Hestehave, the owner of Bomatic, a plastic bottle manufacturing plant located in Ontario (San Bernardino County) for 34 years, is moving to an industrial park in St George, Utah, next year. When the energy crisis struck, Hestehave's monthly electrical rates jumped to $100,000 from $30,000. He'll pay $15,000 in Utah. "We don't think things can be back on an even keel in California for another 10 years,'' said Hestehave. "It will take years to unravel the problems. The guys left here will have a very difficult time surviving.''...'

Tragically, these three are only the tip of the iceberg.

– Compiled by T.D. Treat
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