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MAY 2014

Accountability Jettisoned
PIG News Wire [05/31/14]

The war on excellence is alive and well, in Washington, D.C. It transpired in a Nanny State Cabal named the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). If you've never heard of it, don't feel like the Lone Ranger. According to the Daily Caller, the CFPB 'oversees transactions in the financial sector' for Uncle Sam.

When the usual suspects whined about race based discrimination in the performance reviews at CFPB, it resonated enough to put CRPB officials in the hot seat at a hearing. Faced with that ordeal,CFPB officials launched a pre-emptive strike. What strike? They scuttled performance reviews entirely, so all employees, regardless of their actual performance, will get the highest performance rating.

Doing an outstanding job is a complete waste of time, because that slacker who is always late, frequently absent, and rarely does a lick of work, gets the same rating as the hardest working go getter. Some rational adults have issues with that

"Treating the agency's highest-rated employees the same as its lowest-rated ones is the opposite of fairness, Thomas Brown, a columnist for Bankstocks.com, wrote in a Wednesday piece lambasting the decision. "Hard-working, conscientious workers (and, yes, the federal government does have those) deserve to be treated better and paid more than workers who, say, persistently show up late and turn in shoddy work."

"Instead, in its pathetic bow to political correctness, the slackers are being rewarded," Brown continued. "Worse, Cordray seems oblivious to the fact that he's giving his most valuable workers the shaft."

Lowered expectations will yield lowered performance.

Now That's Funny
PIG News Wire [05/31/14]

A 90 year old law in South Carolina requires colleges to teach its students one year's worth of courses on this nation's founding documents. This week that edict reached critical mass at one South Carolina Ivory Tower with utterly PIGish results:

The Center for Women's and Gender Studies (CWGS) at the University of South Carolina Upstate (USCU) will close on July 1 and the funding, previously allocated for CWGS, will be used to teach the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Federalist Papers.

The South Carolina House of Representatives wanted further cuts at both USCU and the College of Charleston, which had already seen budget cuts over mandated gay literature for freshmen students. However, the Senate was hesitant to cut funds for fear of academic censorship.

The chambers compromised by allotting the discussed funds toward teaching the provisions and principles of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Federalist Papers, as well as "the study of and devotion to American institutions and ideals. [FPM]

Now that's funny. I don't care who you are.

Southwestern Korrectness
Source: PIG News Wire [05/10/14]

When Albuquerque;s city council ran their speech code up the legislative flagpole, they didn't get specific, they opted for weasel words. It's a move which reeks of gotcha.

Moonbattery describes it this way:

Albuquerque city councilors [recently] called on local media organizations to use "responsible speech" and avoid "derogatory language and inaccurate representation of marginalized [i.e., politically favored] groups."

The bill, sponsored by Rey Garduño, won approval on a 5-3 party-line vote - Democrats in the majority - after about a dozen people testified in favor of it.

The measure doesn't identify any particular words or phrases as "irresponsible," but several supporters of the measure objected to use of the phrase "illegal immigrant" in news reports to describe a person living in a country without legal permission.

Some also raised concerns about how transgender people are described.

If you like that, get ready for a special thrill:

Peter Simonson of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico spoke against Garduño's bill.

Despite good intentions, he said, "we don't believe it's the place of government officials to urge the press and the community at large to censor their speech. . The most effective way to confront offensive or disrespectful speech is to counter with more, positive speech. That's not a government role. That's the role of the private citizen."

How far left must your travel to prompt the ACLU to refuse to tag along?

APRIL 2014

Source: PIG News Wire [04/26/14]


Thanks to Maryland's Colonista governor, Martin O'Malley, the state is egregiously user friendly, when it comes to coddling border jumping scumbag invaders.

While Homeland Security is reconsidering their position on deporting illegal criminals with 'trivial' crimes, Maryland's Governor O'Malley has taken it one step further. He announced that the Baltimore City Detention Center will no longer comply with a federal policy that requires the jail to detain illegal immigrants for deportation. O'Malley said the Detention Center will now consider the severity of the charges a person is facing when reviewing I.C.E. requests to hold immigrants through the 'Secure Communities' program. The federal program 'Secure Communities' was intended to catch and deport dangerous criminals by coordinating with local jails. [DMLDaily]

The destruction of America by our Elected Tormentors is accelerating.

Washington D.C.

It's an inspired, inspiring, idea that rocks my world. IT, in this context, is a USA Today news item that puts Detroit on the short list of cities considered to host the Jackass Party nominating convention for the 2016 Oval Office Derby.

Will Democrats nominate their choice to succeed President Obama in party strongholds such as Chicago, Cleveland and New York City?

Or how about Detroit, Indianapolis or Columbus, Ohio?

The Democratic National Committee sent a letter Monday to 15 mayors asking them to submit proposals to host the party's 2016 convention. In addition to the six cities named above, letters were also sent to Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Salt Lake City.

The cities will have until June 6 to submit the "request for proposal," and the DNC hopes to make a decision by the end of this year or early next.

"This quadrennial convention is not just the place where we will nominate the leaders of our party and our country, but it is also an opportunity to provide our Host City with a chance to showcase its community on a world stage," DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in her letter to the mayors.

If they're looking for a place that is the gold standard, when it comes to the legacy of decades of uninterrupted Jackass Party rule, Detroit stands alone.

Source: PIG News Wire [04/12/14]

On January 1, 2014, Illinois' new concealed carry law went into effect. Did it make things better or worse? The best place to measure that is Chicago.

The first three months of the year saw 6 fewer murders than the same time frame in 2013–a 9 percent drop–and 55 fewer murders than 2012, according to a statement from Chicago Police.

There were 90 fewer shootings and 119 fewer shooting victims, drops of 26 and 29 percent respectively, according to police statistics.

Compared to the first quarter of 2012, there have been 222 fewer shootings and 292 fewer shooting victims. Overall crime is down 25 percent from last year, and police said more than 1,300 illegal guns were recovered in the last three months.

It's easier to play gangbanger when you know that nobody is packing heat. With no downside, a badass would be bold as brass. But, if you know there are armed citizens out and about, it makes you think twice. If you won't give the new law all the credit, so be it. It has to be a contributing factor.

MARCH 2014

Second Amendment Heroine
Source: PIG News Wire [03/22/14]

When the New Jersey Legislature pooped out a bill that would limit gun magazine capacity to 10 rounds, the New Jersey Law and Public Safety Committee held a public hearing in Trenton, our heroine gave them an earful. She's a 9 year old named Shyanne Roberts who is a competition shooter:

In her speech, which earned thunderous applause from the audience, she presented the simplicity and common sense nature of the pro-gun argument in a way only a kid can.

"I am not a 'gang banger or domestic terrorist' as a certain vocal supporter of this bill claimed two weeks ago in the Star Ledger," Roberts said. "This bill, if it becomes law, will severely impact me and a million other gun owners."

The 9-year-old girl explained that she is a 4th-grade honor roll student and competitive shooter in multiple styles with numerous local, state and national sponsors.

"I have worked and trained very hard to get to the level I am at and if A2006 becomes law, I will be forced to choose between giving up on a very great and promising future in a sport that I love or asking my dad to move to another state. I will not be giving up my sport."

She said many of the firearms she hopes to use in the next level of her young competitive shooting career will be made "illegal" if the proposed gun control bill, known as A2006, becomes law.

"Everyone is upset about bad people doing bad things to others, but punishing the people who didn't do anything wrong is not the way to stop bad people," she added. "If it wasn't against the law, I would've brought one of my competition guns with me today to show you it won't do anything unless someone touches it."

"I ask you please keep the promise you made when you were elected by protecting people's rights and vote no on A2006," she concluded. [The Blaze].

Nicely done darlin'.

Source: PIG News Wire [03/22/14]

When the Obama Regime swilled down the Globally Warmed Greeniac Kool-Aid, it nuked any residual synaptic function. If you need proof, you came to the right place.

The White House launched a new campaign to sell its global warming agenda to rural America: "sustainable" buildings, including skyscrapers, made out of wood to lower carbon dioxide emissions.

The Agriculture Department (USDA) announced it was launching a new $1 million program to promote wood as a "green" building material to boost rural economies, as well as a $1 million competition "to demonstrate the architectural and commercial viability of using sustainable wood products in high-rise construction," according to Department.

Skyscrapers made out of wood. They are serious.

The project … combines parts of President Barack Obama's Climate Action Plan and the administration's push to win over rural America using green jobs. The USDA hopes to spur the use of wood technologies in industrial building projects like "tall buildings and skyscrapers, as well as other projects," claiming that such buildings would produce be more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions.

Wooden skyscrapers? Seriously? I don't think so.

Bay State Peep Show
Source: PIG News Wire [03/07/14]

Upskirting is a very popular pervert pastime, a fun fact that doesn't thrill the subjects of the uninvited photographic peeks under their skirts. Upskirt perpetrating perverts know this and either don't give a damn, or are perversely excited by the hostility of their victims.

In theory, Bay State upskirt photographers were violating an existing state law which targeted "Peeping Tom" voyeurism of 'completely or partially undressed people. In reality - as ruled by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court - upskirt photos aren't banned by the law, since women targeted were fully clothed.

The high court's ruling today came in the case of a man who allegedly took photos under the dresses of women on Green Line trolleys.

The court focused on the language of the law, which prohibits secret photography of "a person ... who is partially nude."

"A female passenger on a MBTA trolley who is wearing a skirt, dress, or the like covering [private] parts of her body is not a person who is 'partially nude,' no matter what is or is not underneath the skirt by way of underwear or other clothing," the court said in a unanimous ruling written by Justice Margot Botsford. [Globe]

That ruling sent state legicrats scrambling, to remedy the situation.

Source: PIG News Wire [03/07/14]

An unrepentant Marxist, the Big Apple's new fearless leader - Mayor de Blasio - has painted a bull's-eye on the 'evil rich' who inhabit the city. He's so repulsively hostile to 'wealth', his Marxist bullcrap is having predictable results.

As a public service, I'm going to enlighten this Marxist asshole about some inconvenient truths:

Truth 1: Being rich means de Blasio's evil rich can afford to pack their bags and simply leave.

Truth 2: As Bloomberg often noted, about 5,000 very wealthy families paid 30 percent of the city's income tax. Losing even a few of them means significantly less money for filling potholes and hiring cops.

Billions in philanthropy support the arts, ranging from local dance groups to the flagship institutions that define New York as a world-class city. Nearly half of the Metropolitan Opera's operating fund comes from donations, which last year reached $143 million.

When you 'do the math' it's obvious that pissing off the rich, unnecessarily, is an asinine thing to do.

I know what you're thinking...will the rich get the hell out? I'll let you decide for yourself.

And thanks to the de Blasio administration, New Yorkers are getting a bitter taste of its divisive nature. So much so that talk about quitting Gotham is surging in some circles.

One friend says 10 wealthy people have told him they are leaving and another says disgusted New Yorkers bought $1 billion in residential property in Florida since the November election. The Sunshine State confers an automatic tax cut of about 12 percent because it has no city or state income tax, nor does it have an inheritance tax.

Beyond taxes, the mayor's open hostility is a factor. His insulting treatment of former Mayor Bloomberg at the inauguration remains a cloud over him. As one affluent woman, a self-described liberal, told me, "De Blasio hates me, so I hate him." She doesn't personally know him, but draws her conclusion from his words and deeds.

Elections have consequences.


Big Brother I
Source: PIG News Wire [02/21/14]

Apparently, the Department of Homeland Stupidity doesn't have enough to do, so they're putting another arrow in their quiver. Their efforts to make our lives thrilling are downright inspiring...if you're a pagan scribbler.

They're masterful at looking the other way while border jumping scumbag invaders swarm across our borders spreading disease and crime from sea to shining sea. In the name of making air travel safer, they, ignore likely terrorists - because targeting Mecca Maniacs would be 'profiling' - so they can terrorize law abiding Americans. You never know when that toddler might be hiding an AK-47.

The problem with limiting their antics to the border and air ports is the fun fact that millions of Americans don't get to experience the special brand of joy bestowed by the Department of Homeland Stupidity. What to do?

The Department of Homeland Security wants a private company to provide a national license-plate tracking system that would give the agency access to vast amounts of information from commercial and law enforcement tag readers, according to a government proposal that does not specify what privacy safeguards would be put in place.

The national license-plate recognition database, which would draw data from readers that scan the tags of every vehicle crossing their paths, would help catch fugitive illegal immigrants, according to a DHS solicitation. But the database could easily contain more than 1 billion records and could be shared with other law enforcement agencies, raising concerns that the movements of ordinary citizens who are under no criminal suspicion could be scrutinized.

A spokeswoman for DHS's Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) stressed that the database "could only be accessed in conjunction with ongoing criminal investigations or to locate wanted individuals." [WAPO]

I love that last bit, "could only be accessed in conjunction with ongoing criminal investigations or to locate wanted individuals." What a crock!

Big Brother II
Source: PIG News Wire [02/21/14]

The Regime is determined to exert Orwellian control over the information that We the People are allowed to know. The Regime's tacit control of the MSM is, in their view, a good start, but only a start. They need a new approach, and they found one.

The scheme is a simple one, and could be quit destructive where the free flow of information is concerned. Pretending to be a 'study' of America's nnews purveyors, the "Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs," puts a FCC goon in newsrooms at selected radio stations, television stations, and newspapers. Newspapers? You bet, despite the fact that the FCC doesn't have anything to do with them.

The Audacity of Hope is even more audacious than I knew. I expected they would disarm us first before they tried to get away with thuggery like this. Below are the words of Ajit Pai, one of the two FCC commissioners appointed by a Republican. His term expires in 2016.

With its "Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs," or CIN, the [Federal Communications Commission] plans to send researchers to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run. …

The purpose of the CIN, according to the FCC, is to ferret out information from television and radio broadcasters about "the process by which stories are selected" and how often stations cover "critical information needs," along with "perceived station bias" and "perceived responsiveness to underserved populations."

Allow me to translate the bureaucratic libspeak. "Critical information needs" refers to official government propaganda on issues like global warming. "Underserved populations" are special interest groups the liberal ruling class favors at the expense of the majority (blacks, homosexuals, Muslims, etc.).

How does the FCC plan to dig up all that information? First, the agency selected eight categories of "critical information" such as the "environment" and "economic opportunities," that it believes local newscasters should cover. It plans to ask station managers, news directors, journalists, television anchors and on-air reporters to tell the government about their "news philosophy" and how the station ensures that the community gets critical information.

Try to imagine a news agency needing to explain to bureaucrats their plan for disseminating official propaganda in a free country. It would never happen. [Moonbattery]

Let me see if I've 'got it'. The Regime decides what We the People are allowed to know. The Regime pins a 'critical information need' label on these propaganda bytes - crap like human caused Global Warming. Using FCC enforcers who are embedded in each newsroom in the nation, the Regime coerces - play ball or lose your license - the news outlets to spread the propaganda bytes, plus anything else that passes Regime muster.

Orwell was, it seems, dead nuts on with his 'Ministry of Truth'. All together now: "We've always been at war with Eastasia."

Redskins Blitz Senator
Source: PIG News Wire [02/15/14]

After U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell sent a 'Redskins' dissing missive to the NFL, the Washington Redskins responded with a public smackdown.

You'll enjoy this:



"As the former Chair of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Senator Cantwell should be aware that there are many challenges facing Native Americans, including an extremely cold winter with high energy bills, high unemployment, life threatening health problems, inadequate education and many other issues more pressing than the name of a football team which has received strong support from Native Americans.

If the Senator wants us to change our team name, has she already told that to the team named 'Redskins' in Wellpinit, Wash., where the school's population is more than 90 percent Native American? We hope Senator Cantwell has visited with those students in order to hear their thoughts. We hope Senator Cantwell is aware how upset the students in Port Townsend were when they were forced to change their name.

In an ESPN report on Sept. 18, 2013, Tim Ames, the superintendent of Wellpinit schools stated, 'I've talked to our students, our parents and our community about this and nobody finds any offense at all in it. Redskins is not an insult to our kids. 'Wagon burners' is an insult. 'Prairie n—–s' is an insult. Those are very upsetting to our kids. But 'Redskins' is an honorable name we wear with pride… In fact, I'd like to see somebody come up here and try to change it.'

Finally, why did Senator Cantwell send her letter to the New York Times before she had the courtesy of sending it to the NFL? No one other than a politician does that.

Surely, with all the issues Congress is supposed to work on such as the economy, jobs, war and health care, the Senator must have more important things to do.

PIGish translation: Mind your own business, bitch.

You've Got To Be Kidding
Source: PIG News Wire [02/15/14]

Barry has been using our Ambassador appointments to reward the asshats with deep pockets who helped fund his 2012 campaign. The problem is that Barry has more asshats with deep pockets than he has open ambassadorships. What to do?

If you're Secretary of State John Kerry, you 'reward' those deep pockets by making him, her, himher, or it 'Special Representative to the Arctic Region. That's right, some Obama worshiping asshat is the Arctic Ambassador. Have fun with the penguins and polar bears, Sparky. If you'd given more money they'd have given you a REAL country.

EU's Aspiring Censor
Source: PIG News Wire [02/15/14]

Gilles de Kerchove is a dangerous man, but not the way you'd expect for a dude who serves as the EU's counter-terrorism coordinator. In this instance, it's not the Jihadikazes who need to be worried. Gilles may, or may not, be a menace where they're concerned, but he's a clear and present danger to individuals who exercise their free speech in cyberspace.

[He] has publicly stated that he wishes for the European super-state to be able to remove not just websites that promote illegal content, but also those which he calls "undesirable."

The statement from de Kerchove, who was recently speaking on the topic of how to curtail the threat of terrorist activity online, has alerted freedom of speech campaigners and those concerned with net neutrality to the overbearing nature of the European Union (EU), which has for decades whittled powers away from national governments across Europe.

Now it seems the EU wants the power to block websites it arbitrarily decides are "undesirable." Setting out the action being taken by the EU, de Kerchove said, "The Commissioner for Home Affairs will set up a forum to discuss with the big players – Google, Facebook, Twitter – how we can improve the way one removes from the internet the illegal and, if not illegal, undesirable websites." [Breitbart]

Much ado about nothing? Decide for yourself:

The UK-based freedom of speech campaigners of Big Brother Watch wrote earlier this week:

Freedom of speech, and of the press, are essential parts of a free and democratic society. It should not be in the gift of politicians to decide what we read or who can write it and absolutely not on the basis of what some may consider undesirable. If content is to be blocked, it should be a decision taken by a court of law and only when a clear criminal test has been met establishing the content is illegal.

Big Brother Watch also pointed to an EU report from 2013 which discussed how "Media councils should have real enforcement powers, such as the imposition of fines, orders for printed or broadcast apologies, or removal of journalistic status."

The worryingly Orwellian phraseology goes even further in the EU publication, ironically entitled A Free and Pluralistic Media to Sustain European Democracy. The report states, "The national media councils should follow a set of European-wide standards and be monitored by the Commission to ensure that they comply with European values."

Precisely what "European values" are, and who would be the arbiter of such things, is left intentionally vague.

Orwellian? Chillingly.

FAA Killjoys
Source: PIG News Wire [02/07/24]

Someone at Lakemaid Brewery found the missing link. No not THAT missing link, the OTHER one, the one that linked up their beer with thirsty ice fishermen. Their link worked like gang-busters, until those damn killjoys showed up:

According to the story, the FAA found out that the Lakemaid Brewery was having ice fishermen order beer from their little sheds. Then, upon receipt of payment and proper coordinates, a remote controlled robotic quadcopter would deliver the goods moments later. No word on whether the drone checks the customers' IDs, though.

The Federal Aviation Administration found out about this beer-delivery drone program and shut it down because its rules forbid drones to be flown either for commercial purposes or above 400 feet.

Now, Lakemaid has a new strategy brewing. It decided to draft and post a WhiteHouse.gov petition to "Force the FAA to issue an Airworthiness Certificate for Beer Drones (BUAV's)." The FAA, it says, has no standing to "choke economic growth." [CNSnews]

Damn those FAA killjoys.


Socialism Sucks
Source: PIG News Wire [01/31/14]

Paris, France
Some of the cheese eating surrender monkeys are starting to get it. They're thisclose to figuring out that Socialism sucks. They're not exactly thrilled with President Francois Hollande, either.

About 17,000 people have marched through central Paris to criticize President Francois Hollande.

Carrying banners saying "The French are angry!" Sunday's demonstration by people from about 50 organizations cited France's struggling economy and high unemployment, its taxes, their housing needs and lack of personal freedoms. [Telegraph]

Are they waking up? It's too soon to tell.

Elected Tormentor News
Source: Golden Oinks [01/24/14]

Rabid Moonbat: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas,

Magic Moonbat Moments: She asked NASA scientists whether they could drive the Mars rover to where Neil Armstrong placed the American flag. Actually, Armstrong planted the flag on the moon in 1969.

In 2010, Jackson Lee pointed out: "Today we have two Vietnams, side by side, North and South, exchanging and working. We may not agree with all that North Vietnam is doing, but they are living in peace." The fact of business is that as a result of North Vietnam's conquest, today it's only one nation, Vietnam.

Another Jackson Lee geographical observation was her reference to "countries like Europe." But we shouldn't be that critical of her, because President Obama also has referred to people from "countries like Europe." Referring to "countries like Europe" is just as ill-informed as saying countries like Africa or countries like South America. Of course, they are continents.

Hypocrite of the Week: Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.)

She talks a good story: On the House floor last Wednesday DeLauro said, "Every generation of leaders in this institution has faced their own time of testing. Whether it's an economic panic, Great Depression, slavery, Jim Crow, Civil War, World War, Cold War. There are times when our country is confronted with a crisis that poses an existential threat to our nation and our way of life and Congress needs to stand up and act."

"The test of our time is inequality," DeLauro continued. "It's not too much to say that inequality threatens the continued existence of the middle class in America and even the American Dream itself."

"The question before us now is: are we going to continue to be the land of opportunity, social mobility and the nation that forged the largest middle class in human history during the 20th century, or are we going to become a nation of very few haves and millions of have-nots?"

She didn't get around to 'confessing' her own 'sin' against equality: According to her congressional financial disclosure statement for 2012, DeLauro is worth between $5 million and $25 million. (The form's requirements allow members to state ranges of value for their assets rather than exact values.)

Spreading More Joy
Source: PIG News Wire [01/18/14]

In April, an edict imposed last June will require all Big Apple businesses with 20 or more employees to give each employee 5 paid sick leave days per year. As intrusive as this edict is, it's not Draconian enough to satisfy Big Apple mayor, Socialist scumbag Bill de Blasio. He insists on hitting smaller capitalist firms, too.

The new legislation, which has long been a dream of liberal politicians and activists, is expected to require that businesses with five or more employees provide the five sick days.

De Blasio, a Democrat, made the expansion a major plank of his mayoral campaign.

Socialists are always generous when spending other people's money.

EPA Land Grab
Source: PIG News Wire [01/18/14]

Last week, Riverton, Wyoming home to more than 10,000 individuals, was part of the United States. Today, thanks to Obama's out of control EPA, the city and its residents reside in limbo.

The Free Patriot shared these putrid particulars:

Obama's EPA has declared that the city of Riverton, Wyoming, with over 10,000 people is no longer part of the United States and have given it to the Indians. In essence, all Americans living in Riverton are no longer living in the United States and are not eligible for state or federal services. They can also be tossed off land they bought and paid for since their deeds do not have to be recognized by the Indians. The Indians have argued for years that they should get full ownership of 1 million more acres of land because it should be part of their reservation.

The problem is that congress decided the borders in legislation passed in 1905. If this ruling is allowed to stand, the EPA can arbitrarily take land away from its owners and give it to anyone they choose to. The governor of Wyoming, Matt Mead is threatening to refuse to recognize the EPA'a authority.

"My deep concern is about an administrative agency of the federal government altering a state's boundary and going against over 100 years of history and law. This should be a concern to all citizens because, if the EPA can unilaterally take land away from a state, where will it stop?"

The ultimate fate of Riverton will probably be sealed in a federal courtroom.

Kerry Pours Gasoline on a Fire
Source: PIG News Wire [01/11/14]

Iran is one of the prime movers in the Syrian mess, but Secretary of State John 'Lurch' Kerry didn't get the memo.

Fox News spread this bundle of joy:

On Sunday, Kerry suggested that Iran could play a role in Syria peace talks, either formally or informally. The comments, though, have riled groups in the United States concerned about Tehran's long track record of propping up the Assad regime and fomenting chaos in the region.

Iran this month marks its 30th year on the State Department's list of State Sponsors of Terrorism -- while Syria has been on that list longer than any other.

"You have a forest fire that's raging and you're calling in some of the arsonists ... to discuss the best way to put it out," said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights group. "It's mind-numbing."

Kerry suggests Iran might be able to play a productive role in Syria, given its close ties to the Assad regime. But at the same time, he used remarks Sunday to lament the "instability" in the region, responding specifically to Al Qaeda-tied fighters making gains in Iraq and Syria. Iran, though, has fueled the fighting by backing Assad and Hezbollah.

Worse than Shrillary? Yup!

Ted Cruz Gets Real
Source: PIG News Wire [01/11/14]

Like any rational adult, Senator Ted Cruz isn't thrilled spitless with Barry.

The conservative Republican laid out his reasoning for why he thinks the president is "dangerous and terrifying."

According to the Statesman, Cruz also slammed the POTUS for what he referred to as a pattern of "lawlessness on a breathtaking scale."

"We are a nation of laws and not men," Cruz was additionally quoted as saying by the website. "If we had a system where a president can pick and choose what laws to follow at utter whim … that is seriously dangerous." [CBS]

Dangerous? Yup. Terrifying? That too.

Source: PIG News Wire [01/04/14]

When Colorado state legicrats ran restrictive, gun phobic, legislation up the flagpole, firearms accessories manufacturer, Magpul didn't mince words. If it passed, the firm would leave the state.

It passed, 9 months ago. This week, Magpul dropped the other shoe.

In a press release issued on Thursday, Magpul Industries CEO Richard Fitzpatrick said his company, which currently employs 250 people in Colorado, will be relocating its shipping operations to Cheyenne, Wyo. and its company headquarters to an undisclosed location in Texas.

The company said it is still deciding between three possible North Central Texas locations for its headquarters, and that the transition to its new home will begin as soon as a decision is made.

Support received from governors in both states — Matt Mead in Wyoming and Rick Perry in Texas — played a big role in the selection of both sites, Magpul wrote in the release.

"Moving operations to states that support our culture of individual liberties and personal responsibility is important," Fitzpatrick said. "This relocation will also improve business operations and logistics as we utilize the strengths of Texas and Wyoming in our expansion. [Fox31]

Like elections, legislation, has consequences.

Source: PIG News Wire [01/04/14]

When it comes to sticking its nose in OUR business, the NSA is relentless, resourceful, and entirely too imaginative. They listen to our phone calls. They track all our movements online. They spy on us using the built-in cameras in our computers and tablets.

As fun as that sounds, it gets better. You know that new laptop you got for Christmas? Between the time the manufacturer shipped it and you received it, NSA snoops intercepted it, planted bugs in it, then sent it on its way to you.

Der Spiegel reported on Sunday that the NSA's "Tailored Access Operations" (TAO) has been diverting desktops and laptops shipped to U.S. consumers and installing spyware on them.

According to the report, the process, which TAO calls "interdiction," involves intercepting packages on their way from manufacturers like Dell, Cisco, and Seagate, and installing bugs or spyware on them at a "secret workshop."

The packages are then reintroduced into the delivery pipeline and arrive at their destination without the consumer ever realizing their machine has been compromised.

New Nanny State Obscenities
Source: PIG News Wire [01/04/14]

Fox News shared these stinkers:

And California, as is often the case, continued to enact some of the most unique and controversial laws in the country. Under one such law...transgender students in the Golden State must be allowed to use school bathrooms "consistent with their gender identity."

California also became the first state requiring websites to tell users how they track, and share, personal information.

Here are some more highlights (which were compiled by the NCSL) of what's in store for 2014:

-- Into shark fins? Sorry, but Delaware is formally outlawing their possession and sale next year.

-- Oregon will now prohibit adults from smoking in a car if children are present.

-- Good news for people worried about their mug shots. Illinois has made it illegal for websites to post mug shots and then ask for money to take them down. And in Oregon, such websites will have to remove mug shots for free if the person in question was acquitted or had the charges dropped.

-- Also in Illinois and Oregon, minors will no longer be allowed to enter tanning salons.

-- Several states hiked the minimum wage for 2014. They include Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island. The highest, though, will be in California, which upped the base wage to $9 an hour -- this will take effect in July of next year.

-- Partial legalization of marijuana was big news in 2013. Colorado will soon let anyone over 21 buy up to an ounce from a licensed outlet. Oregon and Illinois are also venturing into allowing medical marijuana.

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